Georgina Crisford


Georgina is a British born artist based in Wiltshire. Having gained her BFA at Parsons, The New School in both Paris and New York, she returned to London and started studying part time at London Fine Art Studios who provide formal training in traditional techniques of oil painting and drawing. This mixture of contemporary and traditional training has a huge influence on her work today. She is currently enrolled in the Turps Correspondence Course.

Georgina is drawn to documenting scenes of the domestic interior, playing with the tension between form and space of what was typically a woman’s domain. Ranging from the intimate to grand, cluttered to sparse, staid to whimsical; These interiors are either real or imagined, pushing colour or scale to create areas of abstraction amongst the more figurative aspects of the rooms. Her paintings convey an almost biographical feeling of a space, the sense of what has been before. Often empty and almost staged, there is a quiet stillness about her work in which human presence is felt rather than seen.