• Open call: create an NFT

    Support Ukraine
    by Mariia Kashchenko

    Create a cover for an NFT album. We are looking for a collection of unique album covers for an NFT album in support of Ukraine. We are planning to release 100,000 unique NFTs, so we need a base artwork that will be present in every cover, as well as layers that will be randomly combined into 100,000 unique NFTs.


    In collaboration with: 

  • Morning by Jaroslav Leonets , 2017 Oil on canvas 45 x 55 cm £420.00
    Morning by Jaroslav Leonets , 2017 Oil on canvas 45 x 55 cm £420.00

    Collaborating with some of the most exciting emerging artists across the globe, The Art Unit is working to build a network of close, personal relations with artists and collectors in an ever-fractured world. Providing the opportunity to support and invest in the career of talented emerging artists, The Art Unit’s founder Mariia Kashchenko values levelling the art playing field: making it more accessible and enabling you to discover new voices. 

  • Stone by Olena Shtepura
    Stone by Olena Shtepura

    The Art Unit has unlocked the previously impermeable door to the London art-market for these artists, and provides the support and opportunity for artists who are working in incredibly difficult circumstances. By breaking down the barrier of having to physically exist in a space to engage with these artists, alongside ‘The Art Unit Talks’ interview series, we enter a new arena in which we gain unbridled access to a plethora of Ukrainian artists who now, more than ever, need their voices heard.

  • by Mariia Kashchenko
    The Art Unit Talks: Oxanna Fedchyshyna
  • by Mariia Kashchenko
    Sergiy's studio in Kyiv, Ukraine.
    Sergiy's studio in Kyiv, Ukraine.

    Sergiy Kondratiuk is an emerging Ukrainian artist. Currently living and working in Kyiv. Sergiy develops artworks that often play with people’s feeling of nostalgia. Sergiy works with archives of the National Institute of Automation, where his studio is located.

  • The Art Unit: The Art You Need

    By Mariam Babukhadia

    One of the Art Unit team’s main objectives is to make art more approachable and accessible to the public. It’s aim is to bring unique art pieces into everyone’s home. The Art Unit manages to make this possible by offering a large curated selection of artworks by emerging artists that offer more affordable pieces. 

  • by Mariia Kashchenko
    Olena Shtepura's studio in Kyiv
    Olena Shtepura's studio in Kyiv

    The Art Unit Talks is a series of interviews with our artists.