The Art Unit: The Art You Need

By Mariam Babukhadia
April 30, 2021

The Art Unit is a UK based online platform that sells and promotes works from emerging artists, creating a healthy ecosystem for both artists and the buyers. Mariia Kashchenko is one of the co-founders of The Art Unit. She thought of the idea for The Art Unit whilst studying Arts and Cultural Management at King's College London. After working in galleries during her university years, Mariia gathered a great deal of knowledge and appreciation for young and upcoming artists. During this time, she worked with various talents, and developed a keen eye for thought- provoking and eye-catching pieces.


One of the Art Unit team’s main objectives is to make art more approachable and accessible to the public. It’s aim is to bring unique art pieces into everyone’s home. The Art Unit manages to make this possible by offering a large curated selection of artworks by emerging artists that offer more affordable pieces «We strive to be beneficial for both the artist and the buyer. Often, the art market can seem overwhelming, intimidating and exclusive for both parties. But we want to break those barriers and demonstrate that art has no bounds- it is for everyone that loves it.»


Mariia’s approach is very hands-on. She works hard finding artists by visiting studios, galleries, and searching through social media. When she falls upon an artist who’s energy impresses her, she puts her best foot forward and meets with them personally. She visits their studio or workspace to gain a deeper understanding of the person she is collaborating with. She sits and interviews them about their artworks, their passions, and the methodologies they employ. Not only does this establish an authentic relationship with the artist, but also establishes reliance from both parties involved.


The Art Unit has recently made its online debut, and is slowly gaining traction. Mariia selected a handful of artists that she has chosen through the approach we mentioned above, and she is very excited to share their stories and pieces with art enthusiasts. She will continue to look for more artists alongside smoothly transitioning The Art Unit into the art market, and focus on continuing to gain recognition.

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