The Art Unit Talks: Oxanna Fedchyshyna

February 2, 2022
The Art Unit Talks: Oxanna Fedchyshyna

Q: How has quarantine affected your art?

A:  Although the quarantine has brought down many of my plans, residences and trips, I have had a lot of time to focus on my art, analyze and understand myself better.  In some places it was not easy, perhaps for everyone, but I think it made me stronger.  Learned to live here and now. I worked a lot, new projects “BLUE HOUSE”, “This world is a dream”, “Where is your treasure, there is your heart” appeared, on which I continue to work now.


 Q:What kind of artists do you like?

A:M  I like a lot of artists and it could be a long list: )

To name a few: Ben Shahn, Maria Anto, Helen Marten, Marcel Dzama, Harold Ancart, David Hockney, Josh Smith, David Lynch.  Lately it's interesting to read or watch about how artists think and what preceded the creation of works. Recently I watched a good documentary film by Herman Vaske "Why are we creative?"  where he traveled around the world for 30 years and asked questions about the nature of creativity to artists, directors, musicians, philosophers.


Q:  Where do you draw inspiration from?

A:  Everything that saturates me is inspiration.  Inspired by people, acquaintances and personal communication.  I always find inspiration in nature.  Now I have very valuable observations, everything that happens around me.  Analyze and observe how it relates to my work.


Q:  What do you want to say through your work?

A:  My works touch upon issues of identity, self-search, connection between the conscious and the subconscious.  It is important for me to have a dialogue with the viewer.  And it is very interesting for me to observe how everyone interprets my works in their own way and then they acquire new meanings.


Q: How do you see your career going forward?

A:  I can't think ahead.  I think to actively continue in the same direction, with small steps towards big goals.

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