British release is now live!

The Art Unit's second release
August 26, 2022

The Art Unit is incredibly excited to announce its second release! We selected over 15 British emerging artists working with different styles and mediums to be a part of our second release.  Each artist brings in their unique vision and talent, and by grouping them together in one release, The Art Unit will showcase artistic excellence available amongst emerging artists in the UK. 

Works on paper, collages, floral studies, expressive abstract works on canvases, and immersive and atmospheric works on wood panels are all showcased in the British release by The Art Unit. 

A number of works from the British release were exhibited at Unity: British and Ukrainian art exhibition, which represented a cultural thread between the UK and Ukraine. We aimed to create an impactful and meaningful connection between the artists, their works, and practices. 

Following the success of our first exhibition, we continue to bring brilliant emerging artists into the spotlight by featuring them in our releases. The support for our Ukrainian artists from our first release is ongoing, so all of their works are up on our website and are available for purchase. 

The Art Unit is a UK based online gallery that sells and promotes works from emerging artists, creating a healthy ecosystem for both artists and the buyers.  The Art Unit is building a unique network based on close and personal relationship with the artists through promoting their work. By buying works through The Art Unit you get a chance to support and invest in the career of some of the best emerging artists. 

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